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Recognised Studies

Vsion colleges recognised studies"Recognised Studies"  These are our original Bible study options.  They began to be developed in 1974 and are now offered in 160 countries around the world.  They are currently being studied by more than 150,000 students at any given time.  "Recognised studies" means that there is no formal accreditation attached to the awards.  However, they are accepted by most denominations, undependant churches and mission groups for ministry training.

Any 10 recognised studies satisfactorily completed earn a Vision Christian College award from a Certificate in Biblical Studies to a Diploma of Biblical Theology (4 levels of awards).  "Recognised" means that there is no formal accreditation attached to the awards.  However, they are accepted by most denominations and mission groups for ministry training.

Any student to completes the Diploma of Biblical Studies is eligible to enter into the Bachelor's completion program.

Why Study With Vision Colleges

  • You are seeking Biblical, Christian, theological, or related studies.
  • You want to develop your knowledge of the Bible to strengthen your ministry
  • You want studies with a Pentecostal/Charismatic influence
  • You are seeking Biblical Theology
  • You want to be a better Christian
  • You do not require or are not eligible for support from Austudy or Abstudy or Youth Allowance.
  • You do not require recognition for further study in TAFE or University.
  • If you are seeking further study purely to develop your ministry in the word of God.
  • If you wish to study the word of God and wish to receive an award from a recognised program.
  • You are seeking to prepare yourself for ministry.
  • You are involved in your church and need a better understanding of the word.
  • You want to be a workman that is not ashamed.
  • You want to know the bible better

Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God,
a workman that does not need to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the Word of Truth. (2Ti 2:15)

Hows does the Recognised studies system work

The recognised studies program is built around a "Credit Points" system of study rather than a fixed curriculum. Each subject completed at a passing grade is worth 3 credits.  Any subject in the Bible College program can be applied to any level of study from Certificate to Diploma of Theology.

This means the student seld select subjects and take control of their own study program and tailors it to meet their ministry/learning needs rather than the College dictating a set curriculum to determine what you will study. After all, we are all unique making us all fit the same mould does not help us.

The only condition is that you must change streams each time you select a new subject which enhances depth and breadth of study.

Having the freedom to select your study program gives you greater incentive to study, a deeper sense of satisfaction and the opportunity to meet your specific and unique ministry needs, we expect that your studies will be more relevant to your needs and enhance the enjoyment of your study program.

We will always be ready to assist any student who has difficulty selecting a subject when you cannot decide for yourself.

Every subject successfully completed earns 3 study credits.  For any 10 Subjects successfully completed you earn 30 Study Credits which are required for an award, see below:

Each award requires 30 credits or 10 subjects.

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies = 30 credits (total credits = 30)
  2. Associate in Biblical Studies = 30 further credits (total credits = 60)
  3. Diploma of Ministry = 30 further credits (total credits = 90)
  4. Diploma of Theology = 30 further credits (total credits = 120)

Thus the full Diploma of Theology requires 120 credit points and is the prerequisite for the Bachelor’s Completion with Vision International University or the Texas University of Theology

See Credit Points and advanced standing for more information

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

What is advanced standing?  It is the recognition of prior learning or the recognition of applied learning in the form of ministry experience.

We do not believe that you should start at the bottom just because you have joined our College.   We recognise the value of other bible college courses and the benefit of learning from the experience of ministry.  Vision Colleges offers advanced standing to a student who can:

  •  Provide evidence of prior studies with another college.  We do not believe that a student should have to start a the beginning simply because you came to us.  Prior to enrolment, a prospective student can provide us with an academic transcript from their previous Bible college and we will recognise your studies in the form of study credits so you do not have to start again.
  • We also offer Life (Ministry) Skills credit for ministry experience after the first two years of full-time ministry or after the first five years of part-time ministry.  We recognise the value of ministry experience as a learning curve and are willing to take it into account

For more on Advanced Standing see Credit Points and Advanced standing

Study Streams and Subjects

We believe that you will gain more benefit, more pleasure and find more motive to study by taking control of your own study program instead of fulfilling a set curriculum.  Our unique program offers you a range of over 100 subjects separated into 8 streams of study from which you can tailor your study program to meet your ministry needs.  The name of the stream gives you a general idea of its the application of the subject, it is a generalisation to help you decide what you will study.

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