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Our Missions

Our Missions - Vision CollegesThe great commission applies to us as to every part of the body of Christ.  We, at  Vision Internet Bible College, accept our missions work and support as a part of our responsibility. Our goals are to:

  • To present "The Whole Word To The Whole World" in the most effective, affordable and presentable way.
  • Place our teaching into the hands of the missionary as we can as affordably and effectively as possible.
  • To provide our studies to students in developing nations at fees affordable to them
  • Reach out and help by placing the college in the hands of the local minister or missionary.

Why Our Missions program

our missions have always been important to us.  Until our relatively recent past, a missionary was appointed and sent to a foreign nation to present the gospel, bring the good news of Jesus.  They would establish a local church and other appropriate church or para-church ministries as seemed appropriate and effective for the mission field.  For decades it was a model that worked well with the local modifications to maintain appropriateness and meet the developing and changing needs of the people.

The world is a different place today.  Changing politics, affluence, religious bigotry, intolerance, education and a plethora of other reasons the mission cannot simply "get up and go".  Indeed it is often not appropriate in today's world.

The world still needs Jesus.  There are nations that still have not heard His name or who have no idea who He is or what He can do.  These mission-fields need men and women equipped in the word of God, trained for ministry, and more so today than ever before in our past.

Clearly, you cannot teach and preach what you have not learned.   How can you train, develop and equip others for ministry if you are unaware of issues of your calling?  To meet these needs men and woman will travel from their home and church to developed nations for training.  The appeal of the USA, the United Kingdom or Australia is so great and a huge cost, and so very many times they gain good teaching but are lost to the trappings of the western world and spoiled for the mission field back home.

This is the problem that Vision Colleges stands ready to address and see our missions.

We can send our study materials to the mission field at a very low cost even by their standards we equip the nation men and woman to train their own people in their own community for ministry with their people in their own towns and villages.  Men and women no longer need to leave their home and family, they do not need to go into debt to be trained, they do not have to forsake their church for a foreign Bible College but rather be trained at home and when they are trained and their ministry sufficiently developed they are released into ministry - sometimes internationally.

We see our role as standing behind the men and woman of God at home and around the world, developing, training, teaching, helping and releasing in the power and strength of the word of God.

Our missions program takes two basic thrusts, that of supporting what we call our "Missions Students" and our "Missions College" programs. Our Mission Disc contains our entire program on CD.