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Taster Programme

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No greater responsibility has been given to the church than training and equipping men and women for ministry. After all, Jesus himself said, “Go and Make disciples!” not converts, but... DISCIPLES.   There is no more certain way to grow your church than to train men and women – and release them into ministry. 

How can you be sure that Vision Colleges is right for you?

That we will be there helping you to fulfil the vision God has given you, a “silent partner”, one that does not impose its will on you or your ministry. To find out we invite you, your ministry team and your church to try us, test out our “Taster Program” to “taste us” as the scripture says:

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusts in him. Psalm 34:8 

To paraphrase the psalmist – “Oh taste and see that Vision is good...”

How Do You Run A Taster Program?

First, you present the concept of your church and see who may in interested in testing the concept, contact the office and select a subject that you would like to teach. Your ministry team will select a subject from the Vision curriculum,

For one month, you present the subject, just as you would if you had set up a campus in your church, your staff will present it employing your typical lecture methods, timetabling, and resources for the month.  During this time the students are encouraged to study and complete the assignment as if they were students.

At the end of the month, you submit the exams to us for marking and at the same time discuss with your students if they wish to continue.  If they do not wish to continue then there is nothing more to do.  If they wish to continue then have the students complete the application form while you complete our paperwork, Pay your start-up fees and order your next subject

If you decide not to continue then you have taught an excellent subject, your members have been enriched, all of the students will have a textbook – everyone benefits. 

A few points to ponder

Resource Centre Vision CollegesWho should attend the “Taster” class?

Anyone who: 

  • is serious about Bible college; 
  • who is curious about the Bible; 
  • anyone with a heart to learn the word
  • who would like to “learn that subject”.
  • Wants to be equipped for ministry

What is taught?

The Pastor (or a delegate) selects a subject from the Vision Curriculum.  We have over 100 books in our curriculum separated into study streams.  We believe that the local ministry team is best suited to know what should be taught at the local level, so rather than demand a fixed curriculum we utilise our point-based program and allow you to decide what to teach.  If you need help deciding we are here to help, we can provide you with a model curriculum but the right to choose is always yours.

Having attended the Taster Program do I have to finish college? 

Not at all - this is an opportunity to find out for yourself if Vision is right for you.   There is no further obligation on you or anyone in your church.

What do I get from the Taster Program? 

A month of sound teaching with all of the blessing that brings,  a textbook on the subject of choice, and the option of continuing studies. 

What is the cost of the Taster Program? 

$45.00 per student for the subject. (The church may choose to charge more or less but the College fee must be met).

If the church does not want to continue with the Colleges what is the cost?

Simply the cost of the “Taster Subject”, nothing more, there is no further obligation. 

If the church decides not to run a college can students continue to study individually?

Yes they can enroll as distance students with Vision and carry all their credits with them.

Can I get academic credits for the Taster Subject? 

Yes if you complete the exam and enrol to continue your studies we grant you the credits at no extra cost for the “Taster Subject”. 

What do we do next?

Contact the colleges to start the Taster Program.