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Start a Church Bible College

Starting a Local Church Bible College

No campus Requirements Vision CollegesTo Start a Bible College with Vision Christian College is very easy.   While it can help to have them we do not require you to have professional or specialist teachers.  You do not need lots of modern equipment large numbers or a great deal of money.

There are some things that you will require and need to consider in relevance to what you are doing.  Large churches have different needs to smaller churches, but every church is unique.

We have no special requirements but here are a few things you need to be certain of:

  • A desire to make disciples
  • A willingness to teach,
  • A commitment to train and develop the members of your church for ministry.

Points to ponder

  • Who is going to administer your Bible College?
    While we have no set preference we do suggest that while the Senior Pastor should be fully supportive of the College someone else should administer the Bible College, someone who sees the Bible College as a ministry.
  • Who will teach?
    The College is your college and while Vision lecturers will come to teach by invitation, it is expected that each college shall provide its own teaching staff.  You do not need professional teachers but you do need gifted teachers, men and woman with an en enthusiasm and willingness to teach and who are teachable.
  • Do you have a sufficient student body?
    There is no minimum number of students to run a local church bible college, however, to be formally recognized by Vision Christian College and enjoy the status of a Resource Centre you will need a minimum of 5 students. This minimum number of students also attracts a discount on the books as we appreciate the effort that is involved in running a college.
  • Download the information books
    The books "Introducing Vision Christian College" and "Introducing Vision International College" will provide you with the information on what can be taught in your college, the awards and study options. Inquire now to receive a copy.
  • Download and complete the application form
    Send the completed application form to the Vision offices or email it to us. We will consider your application and respond to you within a few days. Where possible we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the colleges in detail with you and your ministry team and prospective students. As soon as you are comfortable with the arrangements we will send you a copy of the "Covenant Agreement" which should be sent back to us with the appropriate fees. Inquire now to receive a copy of the Resource Centre Application Form.
  • Choosing Subject Material
    There are more than 100 subjects from which to choose in 8 streams of study. While we will provide the Resource Centre with a "Model" curriculum on request we do encourage the Resource Centre to select one subject from each stream in a rotation. The effect of this system is that the Resource Centre has a greater control over the subjects being taught by selecting the subject most appropriate while the streaming maintains the balance of the material.

For more information on starting a Vision Resource Centre, and to receive an information pack, inquire now.