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Why Choose Vision?

Vision Bible CollegesWhat could you do in ministry while you are earning your degree in a Christian vocation from Vision Internet Bible College?  The ability to study from your place at your pace makes it possible to accomplish so much more.  No longer do you need to wait, three or five years or more to be released into ministry, you can study and be released to the work you have been called.

YOU could Change Your World.  Students and Graduates alike from our Bible colleges all around the globe are serving in active ministry.

Students fom Vision Bible Colleges are active

Many of our students are active in pastoring and planting churches in Australia and the United States.  Across the continent of Africa you will find Vision Students opening mission fields, planting hundreds of churches, developing Christian Schools in the Middle East, scores of missionaries to Latin America and the developing nations of the world, leading Worship in the South Pacific, and evangelizing in India --- in 150 nations, from all corners of the earth, Vision Internet Bible College students and graduates are reaping a bountiful harvest from fruitful ministry while still enjoying their ministry.

How is this so? Because with Vision Bible Colleges you do not need to leave your ministry, your family or your home. We send the college to you, so you can learn where you minister, you can grow your faith on the coalface while you study rather than waiting for the "qualification" to be awarded so you can be released into ministry

Learn Where You Live – Vision Bible Colleges

With the Internet Bible Colleges, you do not need to leave home or ministry or your nation to prepare for ministry. Here are a few good reasons...

  • The Internet Bible College is an "on-line" Bible College, in fact, we were among the pioneers of the concept of the online Bible College. All of your work can be completed on your word processor and E-mailed directly to our offices for grading.
  • With the Internet Bible College, all of your work is done through distance learning so you can study in your own home, at your own time at your own pace
  • Our Resource Centre's are available for those who prefer to attend a college and they can be found in many churches and denominations all around the world, in over 150 countries, but the highest percentage of students use the Internet Bible College option.
  • The Internet Bible College is one of the fastest growing correspondence Bible colleges in operation with a continually developing curriculum to meet the needs of students around the world. There are, currently, over 150,000 students within our Vision Network.
  • Through Vision International University and the Texas University of Theology, the Internet Bible College offers Bachelor and Masters degrees. Our relationship with V.I.U. and TxUT means that you do not have to change Bible schools to progress from a Diploma to a Bachelor Degree through to a Doctorate degree.
  • No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, with the Internet Bible College we can effectively send the College to you. You do not need to leave your home, your family, your ministry, your job or anything else to gain your legitimate degree.
  • Through the Internet Bible College, we can assist you to develop a Bible College of your own in your church or on your mission field.
  • With the Internet Bible College, there is no time constraint on our students, we recognize the demand of both ministry and the need to study, we give you the time you need to complete your studies without imposing a penalty on you.
  • Missionaries, Pastors and Christian workers of all kinds can undertake continuing education with the Internet Bible College without leaving their calling.
  • With the Internet Bible College, you can study at your own pace in your own time.
  • The Internet Bible College prices are very affordable, you can pay subject by subject, with no term fees, no hidden costs.
  • For people on-the-move, the Internet Bible College is the ideal option, while you move we "stay put".
  • We recognise previous studies and skills learnt through years of ministry (Life Ministry Skills or Recognised Prior Learning) and they can contribute to your degrees with the Internet Bible College.
  • With the Internet Bible College, you can transfer from any legitimate Vision Bible College without losing credits for studies already undertaken.
  • With Internet Bible College the benefit of study has now been made legitimately convenient for those who sincerely desire to "Study and show themselves to be approved unto God as they learn to rightly divide the word of God".
  • If you are looking to earn your bible college degree through distance learning then the Internet Bible College should be YOUR logical choice.