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Intercessory Prayer

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You are about to begin an exciting spiritual adventure. Through the pages of this manual you will learn about a powerful supernatural resource available to the Body of Christ, that of intercessory prayer.

In this study you will learn what intercessory prayer is and how to do it effectively using dynamic spiritual resources that have been delegated for this purpose. You will learn what to pray for, how to overcome hindrances to intercessory prayer, and how to get started and keep going.

Your spiritual life and ministry will never again be the same. Are you ready to begin your journey to this exciting spiritual destination?

There is a place where thou canst touch the eyes
Of blinded men to instant perfect sight;
There is a place where thou canst say, "Arise!"
To dying captives, bound in chains of night.
There is a place where thou cast reach the store
Of hoarded gold and free it for the Lord;
There is a place upon some distant shore
Where thou canst send the worker and the Word;
There is a place where heaven's resistant power
Responsive moves to thine insistent plea;
There is a place-a silent trusting hour-
Where God Himself descends and fights for thee.
Where is that secret place? Dost thou ask where?
O soul, it is the secret place of prayer!

-Author Unknown

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