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Christian Education

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In this volume, the reader will review various principles of teaching and the educational process in general, as well as the overriding philosophy of Christian education. Further, the student and/or teacher will be able to apply these methodologies and understandings to enhance the educational process of children, youth and adults that they have the privilege of working with.

There is an apparent and growing need to train and develop educators who carry a burden for students and a heart for the Lord. Men and women in the field of education must be more than good people who share good things with their students. They must have a radical commitment to the discipleship process. The goal of this discipleship process is to assist students in becoming everything that God has created them to be. This can include training prayer warriors for Christ, witnesses to His cross, communicators of the resurrection, creating a window through which all of humanity can look and see the Christ found in the word of God.

Christian Education is desperately needed throughout the United States, and the Western world, as well as the developing two-thirds of this world’s nations. It is with this intention that this book has been written; to bring understanding, revelation and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the ability to apply that knowledge, which is equivalent to wisdom, within the classroom setting.

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