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Organize Work Priorities

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Organize Ministry Priorities

This particular unit Organize Ministry Priorities utilizes the community services unit “BSBWOR404A Develop Work Priorities”, requires you to show how you identify the demands and responsibilities of your work or ministry, you will need to show how you can monitor your own work so that you can identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and then also show how you organize to get the help that you need in the areas where you realize that you are in need of training.

To help you gather the evidence required we suggest that you collate the information and compile it with a report addressing the issues below.  This information with the multiple choice questionnaire from your text book should provide sufficient evidences of competency.
Issues To Be Addressed

BSBWOR301A.1 Organize and complete own work schedule
BSBWOR301A.2 Monitor own work performance
BSBWOR301A.3 Coordinate professional development

You can address the issues in various ways however a comprehensive essay or report will most probably address them for you.


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