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A Teaching Program Determined By the Local Church.

choicesThe Internet Bible College, Vision Christian College, Vision International College Australia and Vision International University all assist in establishing "Resource Centre's" in local churches around the world - that is, instead of requiring students to pack up and move to some central campus and be lost from the church, we send the college to the church.

Our Resource Centre will help you to mentor, encourage, and assist your students within the context of your community and your mission, and for some to other parts of the world.

Vision Resource Centre is a ministry designed to assist in the task of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12)

In essence, we are here to equip the equipper to equip the saints of God. We have established an International Network of Training centres in local churches and ministries, and we work with pastors, national and international leaders to develop quality ministry education for their congregations.

For more than 30 years, Vision has established this extensive network serving more than 150,000 students worldwide.

George Barna reports that only 1 in 5 (that’s 20%) of all church members actively
participate in the work of the ministry.
Internet Bible College Overview CoverWe believe that we can help you change this statistic for your churchBy partnering with Vision Internet Bible College, you can offer a variety of education programs from our network of colleges and universities to meet the specific needs of your church and community.

No longer must your men and women be sent away to be trained for ministry.

Download this booklet to discover how you can establish a Resource Centre in your local community as an educational outreach program, you can have your own “School of Ministry” utilising Vision’s programs and curriculum as your primary resource. When you become a Resource Centre, students in your program become official distance education students of one of the colleges or universities in the Vision network, depending upon their individual needs.

Students study under your local supervision, studying the dynamic curriculum developed by Vision.
The Resource centre has proven to be an invaluable tool for men and women who desire to be trained and thus develop the skills to serve the vision and mission of the local ministry.

The Vision International College in NSW Australia is accredited by VETAB to issues awards to the level of Advanced Diploma of Chrisitan Ministry and Theology by distance education.

The Vision International Education Network colleges and universities have degree granting authority in the United States, recognition in various nations including the Bahamas and Nigeria, and government accreditation in Australia. Vision’s programs are increasing in recognition worldwide.

  • Vision was founded for the purpose of developing and making available a dynamic educational and training system of high academic excellence, international in scope, and able to be contextualised to meet the specific needs of individual churches and ministries.
  • Vision offers local churches and ministries a “turn-key” operation for the establishment of a high-quality in-house School of Ministry operated under local leadership, with the assistance of Vision’s educational experts. We provide you with a comprehensive four year curriculum consisting of over one hundred courses to train men and women for effective service under your authority and professional mentorship.
  • Vision International Resource centres make it possible for Christian leaders and workers to fulfil their aspirations of completing their education and/or receiving academic credit, all without leaving their community, family, job, or local church! This can be accomplished right from your Resource centre under the tutelage and mentorship of your leadership; leaders who best know and have a keen pastoral interest in their spiritual development.
  • No longer does the local church need to send its young people and developing leaders off to a faraway academic institution with curricula far removed from practical ministry and the “Vision of the House”.
  • Vision's role is to assist the local church in preparing leaders for service in their church and community. We believe that the church needs flexible delivery systems such as Vision Resource centres to accomplish the Great Commission: to teach all nations (Matthew 18).
Students of Vision Resource Centre are able to continue their studies through any of the Vision College options through to the Doctorate level.
For more information on this option send us an email send an email asking for more specific information on the "Resource Centre Program".

The vision of Vision

Rev. Dr. Ken Chant
shares his vision
of this ministry

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PO Box 84
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3/10 Redfern Road
Minto NSW 2566

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