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A Flexible Delivery Method

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Traditional Bible colleges, like traditional colleges, usually operate with a fixed curriculum. Each year a set curriculum must be undertaken and each year builds upon the previous year. As a result the student cannot progress to the second year of studies until the first year of studies has been completed, laying the foundation for the second year of study. This method has strengths and drawbacks and is a fitting study plan for many.

Flexible Delivery At Vision Internet Bible College we view the curriculum a little differently with a refreshing, but powerful alternative.

Because we are "Points Based" rather than curriculum driven we are able to use a more flexible approach. Each subject is self contained and has the same value, 3 Credit Points. If a student successfully completes any 10 subjects they are eligible for the award they have entered into. For more information see pages on Credit Points.

As a consequence a Resource Centre does not require a large facility or large numbers of staff.

A minimum of one lecture room and one lecturer is required at any time as all students from 1st to 4th year can undertake the same subject at the same time.

Certainly it is good to have a variety of lecturers for different subjects you only need 1 lecturer at a time.

Thus the overheads to the Resource Centre are minimized and the benefits of a collective student body are maximized while the lecturer also has the satisfaction of teaching to a larger student body.

Although most Colleges like to begin at a set time, usually at the beginning of the year, and due to their fixed curriculum, they cannot take new students mid-term, our flexibility allows students to enter at any time. We encourage Resource Centre's to allow new students to join the Resource Centre at any time that a new subject is commencing.

As soon as the new student completes 10 subject the student is eligible for their award, or they can wait until the Resource Centre has its annual graduation, thus you keep your student body and it can grow during the year as new members of your church see the benefit of the studies to the student.

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