Vision Internet Bible College Recognised courses of study.

The Recognised program was established in 1974 and has continued until this present time.

Although it is not Accredited by any formal accrediting body the course is Recognized that is to say that while we have chosen not to submit the program to any national Educational Accrediting Body for recognition, the local Industry that is to say the Church, mission groups, para-church groups do recognise our awards for formal training.

Vision Awards are very highly sought after.

Currently there are over 150,000 students around the world (Through our affiliated Colleges and network) in over 145 countries and more than 8,000 Church groups, denominations and para-church groups using our ministry as a preferred training college option.

The Recognised program is built around a Credit Points system of study rather than a fixed curriculum. Each subject is deemed to be worth three (3) Credit Points. There are various ways in which a student can earn these credit points, as indicated in our menu option on "Credit Points".

Students are encouraged to self select from our curriculum those subjects of greater interest or of personal ministry value to them. Each new subject must be selected from a different Study Stream. This allows for a greater degree of flexibility in study options to the student while ensuring depth and balance of study through our Study Streams. For those who do not know what to study we are happy to provide a model curriculum or select subjects fro them on request.

The Recognised course is best suited to those students who:

  1. Desire only biblical, Christian, Ministry or Theological studies
  2. Do not require or are not eligible for support from Austudy or Abstudy or Youth Allowance
  3. Do not require guaranteed recognition for further study in TAFE or University.
  4. Are seeking further Theological Doctrinal study to support your ministry in the "Word of God".

Recognised awards are:

Upon completion of the Diploma of Biblical Theology a student is eligible to enter into the Vision Bachelors Completion program.

The Process

To earn an award a student must first enrol into the college, the first level is the Certificate In Biblical Studies. If eligible the student may request advance standing for prior studies or Life (Ministry skills) Credits.

Upon receipt of payment, and unless otherwise indicated, the student will be sent their first study book and assignment material.

Upon completion of their assignment the student submits their papers to the College by e-mail where it will be assessed as soon as possible, and the results returned to the student so that they may order the next subject.

The student may self select their own subjects thus undertaking courses that minister to their needs or circumstances at any given time, if they prefer they may request an individualized curriculum and undertake a guided course of study. Should a student request a curriculum they may, without penalty, choose to move from their curriculum to self selection.

Following completion of their first subject the student shall select one subject from a different Study Stream on the Curriculum page until such time as the student has accumulated sufficient points to earn their desired award. Those streams are: Biblical Studies, Church Studies, Counselling Studies*, Christian Life, Doctrinal Studies and Missions Studies.

*Please note: Counselling studies can only be undertaken as a part of the counselling course and not until a student has completed the Diploma in Ministry or equivalent. The purpose of this condition is to ensure that a student who desires to undertake the Diploma in Counselling has sufficient and balanced understanding of the "Word of God" prior to undertaking this specialized field of study.