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The Internet Bible College offers Accredited and Recognised awards only.

A Recognised Course is fully accepted as a course of excellence for training within the "local industry" that is to say in the case of Bible colleges that Recognised awards are accepted by denominations, churches, bible colleges, mission organisations, para-church groups for credit or for Ministry Training. Vision Bible College Awards are very highly sought after with over 8000 such groups in over 145 countries around the world. We have over 150,000 students within our network.

Accredited Awards
An Accredited Award is an award that is issued only through a college that is formally recognised and endorsed by the state or national accrediting bodies within the nation that the award is issued. Such an award and is accepted by Universities and Colleges for continuing studies in many other countries around the world.

Not Recognized or Non Accredited
These awards are usually issued by a local church group (or small business) and have no recognized educational value outside the church or business. The value of the award is to the student themselves in the sense of personal study and development or small business recognition, however such studies carry very little or no academic value. Vision Internet Bible College and Vision Christian College does not issue such awards.

Vision Internet Bible College offers only Accredited and Recognized course of study and awards.

The vision of Vision

Rev. Dr. Ken Chant
shares his vision
of this ministry

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