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Our Involvement in Irrawaddy Division


June 2009


Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ the coming King from Yangon, Union of Myanmar.


We, composed of the faculty of graduate school and more than 10 local churches in Yangon, have been visiting the Nargis suffering people especially in the area of Irrawaddy Division since the Nargis took place in 2 May 2008.



Firstly, on behA new Housealf of my co-workers, I would like to give thanks to the Lord for allowing us to help our needy and suffering brethren. Secondly, I do highly regard your great love towards my suffering brethren especially for your constant and sacrificial support. Your support has been tremendous blessings for our brethren there. May the Lord bless you more for His Kingdom and Glory.



Let me inform you about the present situation there. The rainy season has started in June. Even though having heavy and monsoon rain is a blessing for rice fields, it is indeed a great trouble for our brethren who do not have proper place to live in. Millions of people are still homeless. For this reason, we started concentrating on the construction of their houses by the first week of June. We visit there on a regular basis, at least twice a month. Our groups stay there at least one or two weeks and bring construction materials for their houses.


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The homes that we built for our brethren are simple. Most of them are bamboo buildings, but the people are so blessed, telling us that they have better homes than before the deadly Nargis took place. As far as I know, we have built 67 simple and strong houses. Generally speaking, the expense of one building is between US$ 250 and US$ 700, depends on the supervision of our contact people there. Young people have been actively involved in these exciting projects. The most exciting news is that many more local churches have been involved in the construction in various places in Nargis affected areas. Showing Christ love to our Buddhist brethren has been our main objective. By helping them in this simple way, our church planters are able to golden opportunity to share the good news to our brethren in a more effective way.



One of our church planters, Joshua B.V has been baptized about 127 new converts since August last year. His significant ministry has been highly regarded. His wife is known as a prayerful woman and talented in personal evangelism. She visits house to house and makes friends with the Buddhists. She shares the good news after building the friendship. She prays for all sick people. She has seen hundreds of miracles with her own eyes. Through her prayers, many sick people have been fully recovered. Demon possessed people have been free. At first, both of them planted a house chIBC Missionsurch that they built with their own hands. They have lost their whole house during the Nargis. The Lord just turned their tiny bamboo house into a two storey break house. Formerly their house church could accommodate only 20, but now more than 200 people could gather together in the new house that we built for them. To God be the glory.



By the help of friends both local and abroad, we spent just more than US$ 20,000 for the worship place. The restrictions from the local people and authority have been so severe. Both Joshua and his wife were brought to the office of local and township council many times for severe interrogation. The Lord indeed protects them from all harms until this time. By seeing the excellent things that they have been doing to the needy people, the authorized people could not say any words of accusationto them. Local people stone to their worship place several times whenever they conduct worship service. The worshippers try their best to keep quite as if they do not know anything about the noise.


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Besides, all the new converts were interviewed one by one or family by family about the reason why they have changed their belief and faith. They all have the same voice, answering to the authority that they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by their own choice. They added that nobody persuaded them to become followers of Jesus Christ. Until this time, the worship service is going on smoothly. My group is planning to visit the church on 26 June. Our purpose is to dedicate the new church building that we have accomplished. The dedication day will be on 28n June. Thank you very much again for your sacrificial support that you made available not only for the needy people but also for the new building of the place of worship. Hallelujah!



The need is still great. The reconstruction will surely take another 8 or 9 years. The present need is to provide materials for rice fields, such as tractors that is indeed difficult for us to meet their need. The other need is to provide boats for fishermen. Planning rice and beans and also fishing have been the main business to meet their basic needs in Irrawaddy Nargis affected areas. Of course, they do also need more clothes and foods as well.



IBC KidsThank you very much again for your love, care and concern. May I humbly request you to remember our suffering pe

ople in Irrawaddy Division in your prayers. We will be continually assisting them whenever the support is available for them. 


Your partner in Him,





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May the peace and grace of the good Lord be upon you always

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On behalf of the people of Myanmar: THANK YOU.
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