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Bible StudyThis Study Stream examines the word of God by looking to the books of the Bible or the Bible itself.

Topics such as Journey Through the Old and New Testament or the Basic Bible Study of the Old and New Testament provide a rich overview of the Book of Books. In some cases a particular book of the Bible is examined in detail, such as Corinthians or the Church Triumphant - Acts.

There are also rich topical subjects that will give insight and encouragement to you and to those you come in contact with such as Women a Biblical Profile or Biblical Management Principles.

You will also find subjects on How to Study the Bible for yourself or to help those you will teach. For a clearer understanding of the Bible itself and the value of the word of God in our lives and the world in which we live you will be blessed with Authenticity and the Authority of the Bible or Understanding you Bible.

The stream is a rich collection of resources to bring you to a better understanding of the Book of Books itself - the BIBLE

The assessment requirements are a set subject assignment which is usually a multiple choice exam, additional credit points can be earned by completing an essay or a student study guide.

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