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Certificate III

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Certificate III in Christian Ministry

Pre-requisite: None

Certificate III is an entry level option that develops a sound foundation for Christian life and work. It is best suited to new Christians or those who require an introductory level of study.

This course can be completed in one year as a Distance Education study programme. The time frame is a guide only and is dependent upon the student's own capacity and the circumstances relating to his or her study.  Vision International College's program is an ideal and flexible option for ministry interns or trainee pastors.

Upon completion of this qualification, learners should have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to serve effectively as workers and religious instructors in churches, parishes, para-church organisations, missionary organisations, and in religious education. Students will learn to apply biblical principles to their daily life, and how to explain and share those principles with others.

The student is required to complete a minimum of 8 units, which include being involved in the development of practical skills with their local church or with a community based organization. The student will complete the units as follows −

6 Units of Biblical Theology, identified as “CMT” units.

2 Practical Ministry Skills units.

VIC has nominated the subjects for both the “CMT” and Practical Ministry Skills units; however, students may request substitute subjects if appropriate. The decision of the Principal on the substitution request is final.

Biblical Theology Subjects

CMT 001         Dynamic Christian Foundations
CMT 002         New Testament Survey
CMT 003         Great Words of the Gospel
CMT 004         Old Testament Survey
CMT 005         Christian Life
CMT 006         Clothed with Power

PC100: Practical Subjects:

The Student will complete two (2) subjects as listed below. Each practical unit is strengthened with a subject from Vision as listed.  

To develop practical skills the student will be involved in a local church or community-based programme under qualified leadership and document the work experience as required for each unit.

            Practical Skill Development                                              Required Vision Subject

1. Organize Ministry Priorities (30 hours)..............................   Time Management

2. Assisting in a Church Ministry (32 hours)..........................   Methodologies of Multiplication.

VIC has selected subjects most suitable to a general ministry training programme. The student may select alternative options from the Alternative Practical Units section of this book if they are available from VIC.

Note that the minimal number of practical units to be undertaken for this award is 2 and the minimal nominal hours for the practicum must not be less than 60 hours regardless of the units selected.

Fee and charges: Accredited Fees

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